Dispute Avoidance

Within the framework of the project contracts, we will support the client and its team in handling questions that arise in the field during construction projects relative to change orders, potential construction defaults, defective work and delays. Our participation can be as much or as little as our client desires. We have been at the job site as much as three times a week negotiating change orders, creating acceleration plans and participating in jobsite meetings. On other occasions, we are often called upon in the middle of a project to respond quickly to jobsite queries over the phone. Our counsel emphasizes dispute and claims avoidance. By solving disputes before they become official claims, we help our clients save money, time, and aggravation. We understand that our clients are focused on a goal of building their project on time, within budget and to the requisite quality. Laurie & Brennan shares that same focus and assists its clients in achieving their goals.

We understand the need to act as part of a team when attempting to resolve brewing disputes at the jobsite. We balance the often competing interests prevalent between owner, contractor and design professional and provide advice on how best to achieve your goals in light of these competing interests.